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The Weekly Serials Page on the Ben Kesp website has been updated to now reflect a new online Reading Room.  This will include the weekly serials, flash fiction and all book reviews from Mondays Book Talk.  A new weekly serial will begin in January to mark the updated page and will be called "P.I. Carson".  

Congrats! Access to Editor


Congratulations to the below students who signed up for the "How to Publish an E-Book" workshop during 2019 and now have access to an editor at a discounted rate during 2020. Best of luck with your manuscripts. 

A. Egan.  B. Maloney.  F. Horan. 

Writing Classes - Get Creative!


New writing classes begin shortly at the Crescent College, Limerick.  Join the Creative Writing and Screenwriting Fundamental classes commencing on the 16th and 17th of September.  Enrolment evenings on the 4th and 10th of September.  Classes will run from 7 PM to 9 PM and will cover topics: Characteristics of Writing; Setting a Scene; Building a Character; Understanding Novels, Screenplays, Poetry, understanding the 3 act structure, formatting a screenplay for submission and more!

Looking forward to seeing you all there! 

For more information check out the Crescent College website by clicking HERE

Inspired Voices Concert 2019 - Maine, USA


Victoria, one of my contributors and readers read a short piece I wrote called “Memory” at the Inspired Voices Concert in aid of raising money to provide services for those in need. The concert was hosted by Tri Country Mental Health, Maine in the US and held on the 24th of June. I am honoured that Victoria has chosen the piece and she brought life to the words with her beautiful reading.  Here she is in action!

Kingdom of Malaar - The End!


The Kingdom of Malaar has reached its end this week after 16 episodes.  The lives of Queen Sira and King Malic have been transformed from when they first started out but what will it mean for the kingdom knowing there exists a place called the "Hall of Worlds" ruled by powerful gods. Watch out for a new weekly serial coming soon! 

Kingdom of Malaar 

Publish Your Own E-Book!


Have you written a piece of work and wish to have it published?
Do you know the options that are available to you?

This workshop will help you to discover more on the publishing world and focuses on how to publish an e-book. It will help develop your passion and explore the steps in getting a manuscript ready for publication, book cover design and the different platforms for self-publishing an e-book. This is a great opportunity to get your book from manuscript to being sold internationally!

For booking, check out the Limerick Writers Centre

can participate in group e-book cover design.

Kingdom of Malaar - RETURNS


The Kingdom of Malaar returns with season 2 called "Battle of the Gods" on Wednesday 10th of April '19. Season 1 ended with Sira fleeing the capital city and establishing herself in the northern city of Kark, leaving the Royal Palace open to the rightful Heir, Malic Ward (Siris).  Despite the course of events leading to this move, which the people of the Kingdom believe to be natural, the sister goddesses, have their own agenda and are setting a course in action for an oncoming threat. The goddesses, Rubella and Soulep are about to reveal a dark message to their chosen messengers. 


For more check out the WEEKLY SERIALS



The final instalment in the Dr. Elizabeth Bannon series will be available at all major retailers on Friday, the 22nd of March 2019. Friday: My Story, brings an end to the novelette series that first began in 2014.  For more on the series, check out its homepage: 

Dr. Elizabeth Bannon Series 

March Course - Screenwriting Fundamentals


Screenwriting Fundamentals

23 & 24 March ‘19


Delivery: Limerick City and Online!


Book your place on this practical and informative course. 

For more information please check out:

Read an E-Book Week!


From now until Saturday, March 9, you'll find exclusive deep-discounted deals on over 45,000 ebooks.  This is the annual read an ebook week with Smashwords. I have included the following books at 50% discount:


Landed Estate

The Portrait of Isabella Simmons



Visit this coming week and enjoy all the offers available!


Friday: My Story - Dr. Elizabeth Bannon Series Finale


The final book in the Dr. Elizabeth Bannon series will be published on Friday, the 22nd of March 2019.  This completes the journey for Elizabeth Bannon.  Sample reading will be released over the coming weeks prior to publication.  For more on the series, check out its HOMEPAGE.  Thank you. 

Dr. Elizabeth Bannon - UPDATE


The final instalment of the Dr. Elizabeth Bannon Series has now been sent off for editing.  The name of the final book is called - Friday: My Story.  It will offer a complete closure on the series and on the character of Elizabeth. More information will be announced shortly on a publication date. 

Creative Writing Classes


Creative Writing Classes begin on Tuesday the 29th of January at the Crescent Comprehensive.  Classes will run from 7PM to 9PM and will cover topics like: Characteristics of Writing; Setting a Scene; Building a Character; Understanding Novels, Short Stories, Screenplays, Poetry and more! Looking forward to seeing you all there! 

December 2018 Update!


Please note that from the 6th of December 2018 until the 3rd of January 2019, the Ben Kesp E-Book Shop will be closed.  You may still place your order and it will be sent to you when the shop reopens.  The Ben Kesp Academy will reopen on the 7th of January 2019 with new dates for the Awards and Author Programme. In the meantime, you may still book your place on an Award of your choice or on the Author Programme. All e-mails and enquiries will be answered once the academy reopens. 

Friday Revelation - Book 5 Dr. Elizabeth Bannon Series


The truth behind Project God Trials and the Azack Programme is revealed to Elizabeth, along with the role of Jessica Sali, the subject for the initial development of the AZ417 serum. Abbot Fernando protects the Massomite Order of Monks at all costs and reveals his own past and connection to the present work being conducted by Project God Trials.   Elizabeth remains Dr. Speel’s captive.


Discover more on Book 5 from its homepage and it's now available at all major retailers. 

Book 5 Dr. Elizabeth Bannon Series Publication


Book 5 in the Dr. Elizabeth Bannon series will be published on Friday the 23rd of November 2018.  This is the penultimate book in the series and will follow with the final instalment in early 2019.  More updates will be announced in the coming weeks. For more, check out its homepage by clicking HERE

Dr. Elizabeth Bannon Series - UPDATE


Book 5, the penultimate book in the Dr. Elizabeth Bannon Series will be named as "Revelation".  It has now been completed and will be sent for editing. The book will introduce the character of Elsa and reveal her past and its connection to the work of Project God Trails in addition to the importance of Dr. Jessica Sali and how she connects all the pieces together. Abbot Fernando has always been calm and collective. He is a man of extreme emotional control and reserve however after yet another attack at the Siarc Monastery and against his order, he can no longer stand by without taking action. He instigates a manhunt to bring down Markus and the Order of the Secundo Aurora. For more check out its homepage by clicking HERE

Kingdom of Malaar has arrived!


Episode 1 of Kingdom of Malaar - Heir to the Throne is now live! There will be a total of 8 episodes in the first season of this weekly story.  Following the death of King Eyre Siris and the royal family twenty two years earlier at the hands of Sebastian Galor, second in command of the royal army, Sebastian enthroned himself as monarch.   The Kingdom of Malaar was plunged into darkness and the people have lived ever since in constant fear of the Galor tyranny.  Now as King Sebastian lies on his deathbed, his twenty-two year old daughter, Sira, eagerly waits to assume control and take his throne.   But as she Sira takes the throne of the Kingdom, unknown to her, a group of mercenary forces lead by Barton Malor, the former head of the royal army under King Siris, is determined to end the Galor power. Barton Malor has a hidden secret that will rock the foundations of Sira’s rule which drives her to either ruthlessly squash the uprising or divide the Kingdom in the process.  However the destiny of the Kingdom is in the hands of a pair of trapped goddesses who have their own agenda in mind.

Doorway - The final instalment Update!


The final instalment of "Doorway" - weekly serial will be out Friday the 21st of September. 

Ben Kesp e-books now available at Gardners International


Ben Kesp is happy to announce that all his e-book are now available at Gardners Books International. Gardners plays a key role within the UK book trade, belonging to & actively supporting the Booksellers Association events and initiatives, including POS distribution for the Books Are My Bag campaign and annual sponsorship of the BA conference. Additionally they sponsor the Independent Bookshop of the Year at the British Books Awards and Bookstore of the Year at the LBF International Excellence Awards. For Ben's e-books, check out the Gardners International HERE.

Weekly Serials are Returning!


The Weekly Serials are returning and have found a new home on the Ben Kesp Website.  Catch up on the older serials of Friday, which became the first book in the "Dr. Elizabeth Bannon" published series, The Letter and The Witch of Ballyvale. A new weekly serial will begin with the return of the series.  More will be announced shortly. 

New Workshop!


A new workshop has been added to the Ben Kesp Academy called "How to Start a Blog".  It will include the following topics: 


  • The reasons for blogging

  • Choosing a platform 

  • Writing a post and a captive heading 


This is an interactive workshop with the focus on starting to write a blog.  It will explore the reasons and benefits for starting a blog and how to begin.  Additionally, it will explore how to construct a blog post and choose a captivating heading. For more information, check out the Ben Kesp Academy Workshops

Read an e-book Week!


From the 04th to the 10th of March why not read an e-book with Smashwords great discounts and offers! For offers, check out the e-book I am including here

Novel Publication Date


The publication date for the novel - "The Portrait of Isabella Simmons" has been announced for Friday the 9th of March and will have updated links on its homepage to all major retailers. In the mean time why not read the first 3 and half chapters which can be found on its homepage. 

Learning Discounts


20% Discount on all workshops offered by the Ben Kesp Academy, once booked by the 31st of January 2018.  There is a further discount of 20% being offered for Level 2 of the Author Programme which runs throughout the month of February, once booked by the 31st of January.  These discounts are for both classroom and online options. Book your place! 

Welcoming the New Year!


A warm welcome to 2018 and a busy year ahead with many events on the horizon.  My next novel "The Portrait of Isabella Simmons" will be published this year with more information announced at a later date.  Books 5 & 6, the final two books in the "Dr. Elizabeth Bannon" Series will also be published later in 2018 bringing the short story series to an end. 


The Ben Kesp Academy is now open for 2018 ready for enrolments, offering face to face and online workshops in addition to the Author Programme with each level run regularly over 2018. Get in touch and find out more.

Another Creative Writing programme will be starting soon in Limerick city and I have the honour of delivering it. 


More news and information will be updated shortly. 

New Novel - The Portrait of Isabella Simmons


I am working on my next novel which has a working title called "Portrait of Isabella Simmons".   It revolves around two very different characters from opposite backgrounds who find themselves in 1954 living in a house in the town of Ballsbridge, Dublin, Ireland.  


Readers will be first introduced to Johanna Cahill, born and raised on the hills of Connemara, west of Ireland until the age of sixteen years when she has to flee her home.  Johanna flees her past, making her way to Dublin in order to secure a better future. Opportunity has always favoured her and by 1954 Johanna is living in the exclusive area of Ballsbridge, Dublin. 


Now a forgotten artist, Francesco Romano once painted portraits for the Italian, Maltese and Irish nobility. The purchase of a portrait of a young woman named Isabella Simmons, daughter of the English Governor to Malta in the late 19th century by Edmund Cunningham, former employer of Johanna, from a private collection has started an investigation by the young Bernard Cunningham  into the history behind the lady in the portrait and how his uncle, Edmund discovered the mysterious Italian artist Francesco Romano. 


But not everything is as simple in investigating the lady in the portrait as both Francesco and Johanna have their own secrets which neither wish to share. 

There will be a publication date in early 2018. 

Inspired Voices Concerts - Maine USA


Victoria, one of my contributors and readers read a short piece I wrote called “Battle of the Sovereign Goddess” at the Inspired Voices Concert in aid of raising money to provide services for those in need. The concert was hosted by Tri Country Mental Health, Maine in the US and held on the 24th of June at the Franco-American Building. I am honoured that Victoria has chosen the piece and she did an excellent reading, even pronouncing all those difficult Irish names! Here she is in action!



Dr. Elizabeth Bannon Series - Book 4


The fourth instalment of the Dr. Elizabeth Bannon Series is now published and available to read from all major retailers including from the Ben Kesp e-book shop.  Join Elizabeth Bannon as she remains in hiding, and sets in motion her retaliation on Project God Trials and the Azack Programme, including exposing Markus and the Order of the Secundo Aurora. Abbot Fernando opens the Siarc Monastery as a centre of spiritual learning and denies all knowledge of the world library, refusing to bend under pressure from the world media which demand answers.

New posts on Ireland's ancient past


2017 will see many new posts on Ireland's ancient past as well as other myths and legends which all can be found on the Literature & Culture Corner Blog.  Contributors are welcome as always. Knowth, The Hill of Uisneach, Ireland's ancient tombs and more will feature. 



The two new screenplays have now been published. Episodes 1 - 4 of "The Firm" (Mystery/Drama) and the pilot episode of "Sector 2" (Science Fiction/Fantasy). These were both scripts that I had created many years ago.  The Firm will be completely published in 2018 consisting of 24 episodes.  For now the pilot of Sector 2 will be published, however, more information on characters and backstory will be added regularly to its homepage on this site. 

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