Ben Kesp Writing Academy Learning Framework

Learning Hours


The learning hours associated with each Award and Certificate provided by the Ben Kesp Writing Academy is classroom-based hours or contact hours.


Qualification Level


The number of hours per Award or Certificate denotes the qualification level and the Knowledge, Skills, and Expertise acquired. Additional hours are required to complete assessments for Certificates and these are allocated by the candidate’s own requirements within the timeframe allocated. No assessments are required for the completion of Awards.  


Learning Hours and Qualification Level Allocation



4 to 8 Learning Hours

Knowledge: 60%

Skills: 40%



9 to 14 Learning Hours

Knowledge: 60%

Skills: 40%


Diploma Certificate:

15 to 20 Learning Hours

Knowledge: 55%

Skills: 45%


Master Certificate:

21 to 36 Learning Hours

Knowledge: 40%

Skills: 40%

Expert: 20%



Descriptor Information 

Knowledge Descriptor 

  • Has the factual, procedural, theoretical knowledge and understanding of a subject or field

  • Is aware of the nature of the area of study

  • Is aware of the different perspectives and approaches within the area of study


Skills Descriptor 

  • Can identify, select and use appropriate cognitive and creative skills, methods to address problems including complex and non-routine

  • Review how effective methods and actions have been


Expert Descriptor 

  • Use relevant research or development to inform actions  

  • Determine, create and use appropriate methods, cognitive and practical skills to address broad and complex problems


Ben Kesp Writing Academy Academic Quality 


Ben Kesp Writing Academy was established in July 2016 with the view to providing creative arts training, especially focussing on the art of writing and screenwriting. The courses offered by the academy have been designed with a practical, inspiring, and focused approach. 


The following information relates to the quality assurance of the Ben Kesp Writing Academy.  


1. Programme Development

The Ben Kesp Writing Academy will monitor all of its courses and determine whether


  • A new programme is required

  • An offered programme continues to meet with an identified need/demand

  • A programme benefits the learners and the community


Should a new programme be required, programme development will take place through appropriate programme planning, design, objectives and learning outcomes.


2. Programme Delivery

The Ben Kesp Writing Academy places a great emphasis on training delivery to set and maintain good standards of programme delivery. At the beginning of each course, candidates will receive a course syllabus and clearly laid out learning outcomes. Sufficient time will be allotted to cover the course material. Following each course, candidates will be asked to evaluate the course using an evaluation form.


3. Programme Review

Each programme will undergo an annual review which will assist in identifying any necessary changes required to programmes.


4. Security of Assessment Materials

Assessments in the form of assignments or project work carried out for the completion of certificate programmes are completed by the candidate and are collected by the Ben Kesp Writing Academy.  Following marking and grading, all assessment material is maintained by the academy for a period of two years. Following this period, assessment material is destroyed.


5. Marking of Assessment Material

To ensure appropriate standards are in place for assessment marking, the Ben Kesp Writing Academy will use an external third party training institute to verify a 20% sample marking of assessment material. This will help to ensure fairness, consistency and validity of assessment.


6. Feedback and Certification

Following marking by the Ben Kesp Writing Academy and sample verification through a third party institute, each candidate will be provided with a certification for the completion of the programme along with formal feedback on the assignments/projects submitted.


7. Feedback Review

Should a candidate wish to review certificate feedback, they can do so through e-mail with in fourteen days of receiving the feedback and certification.

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