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Kingdom of Malaar 

By Ben Kesp

Based on the original screenplay "Kingdom of Malaar" written in 2001


Copyright © 2018 - 2019 Ben Kesp


All rights reserved. No part of this serial screenplay may be reproduced in any form without the permission in writing from the author.


The screenplay has been rewritten for use as a short weekly series with more emphasis on character stories rather than on scenes of action. 


Period: Ancient Times


The Kingdom of Malaar

The Kingdom of Malaar is a land divided into four provinces. The largest province is Metag which covers over half of the Kingdom.  It is a fertile land of rolling valleys, grasslands, rivers and forests.  Food is in abundance and wildlife flourishes. The capital city of the Kingdom lies in Metag and is called Enegue.  It houses the great royal palace of the ruling monarch. To the northwest is the province of Wesser and is made up low lying mountains, forests and large lakes. In the northeast is the province of Oisten which is covered in mountains and rock lands.  The Northern Province called Ostund Land is connected by all of the other provinces.  Ostund Land forms part of the Kingdom of Malaar however many dispute its boundaries and refer to it as a no man’s land.  The lower part of Ostund is inhabited but the northern reaches are unpopulated with arctic weather systems and it is said that among the most northern mountain ridges of Riarca live the Salic sisters.  Legend has it that the two sisters are witches. Few people travel so far north into Ostund Land as fear overtakes even the mightiest warriors.


Story Background (Chapter 1)

Following the death of King Eyre Siris and the royal family twenty two years earlier at the hands of Sebastian Galor, second in command of the royal army, Sebastian enthroned himself as monarch.   The Kingdom of Malaar was plunged into darkness and the people have lived ever since in constant fear of the Galor tyranny.  Now as King Sebastian lies on his deathbed, his twenty-two year old daughter, Sira, eagerly waits to assume control and take his throne.   But as she Sira takes the throne of the Kingdom, unknown to her, a group of mercenary forces lead by Barton Malor, the former head of the royal army under King Siris, is determined to end the Galor power. Barton Malor has a hidden secret that will rock the foundations of Sira’s rule which drives her to either ruthlessly squash the uprising or divide the Kingdom in the process.  However, the destiny of the Kingdom is in the hands of a pair of trapped goddesses who have their own agenda in mind.


Story Background (Chapter 2)

The goddesses, Rubella and Soulep were two of four powerful elders from the race known as the Korninti. The elder's four essences of wisdom, love, healing and war, balance out the cosmos, ensuring chaos and order are maintained in harmony.  The elders along with the rest of the Korninti race were the guardians of the Hall of Worlds, a space that exists between all worlds.  Still unknown to the people of the Kingdom of Malaar, the two elders have fled to the kingdom following a collapse in the Korninti order and a battle from their rivals, the Armonte, a race of powerful magicians that now wish to take what the Korninti had - ultimate power.  Using Sira and Malic as their two human messengers, the goddesses rally the people of the Kingdom of Malaar for a battle that has followed them to their shores. 


Chapter 1

Kingdom of Malaar 

Heir to the Throne

Chapter 2

Kingdom of Malaar

Battle of the Gods

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