Guidance Talks & Private Tuition

"believe and have faith in who you are"

Guidance Talks


Discover more on what your life can offer: 


  • Discover your Creative Passions

  • Exploring your Gifts and Talents 

  • Recognising your Strengths and Weaknesses 


Arrange a customised 1 to 1 talk to discuss your needs, set goals and create a path to follow. 


Become motivated and reach new heights!


Choose a 30 minute session to discuss your passions!  


Do you wish to write a: 


  • Short Story 

  • Flash Fiction  

  • A Novel 

  • Publish an e-book


Arrange private classes online or face to face.


Become motivated and reach new heights!


Select a 60 minute session for your private class! 



"As a first time novel writer, I came to Ben with a ton of questions and doubts. I was amazed at how reassuring he was and how his advice and tips helped me in my writing. He also recommended some practical tools he had developed to create more coherent and multifaceted stories. Ben is a great listener and makes you feel very comfortable from minute one"

Lica Gilbert 


"I met Ben by chance at a point in my life where I was facing a difficult career decision and was unsure and insecure about how to proceed. In one of his coaching sessions, we reviewed my life goals. In a calm and friendly way, we discovered some corner stones of my life. This combined with his professional experience and excellent judge of character, helped us to come up with options for my future. Unnecessary to mention that it gave me plenty of food for thought. Looking back now, our assessment of my personality, passions, strengths and areas to improve could not have been more accurate and fitting. I am very thankful to have had this wonderful opportunity to work with Ben and I am looking forward to working with him again in the future"



"Ben is highly professional and very enthusiastic about his work, a very capable leader, good listener, motivator and organiser - a true professional"



"Ben has helped me to keep my writing on track with just something very simple. He always asks for the article I send for his Pen of Kesp newsletter. Even though so much would be happening, he will remind me to send the article. This gives me a sense of time when there is often so much chaos in my life. Writing the post for Ben really helps in keeping my writing skills sharp. Thanks Ben!" 

Gabriel Woods - Author 


"Ben helped me with my articles and short stories.  I write for a cultural magazine and currently I am translating my articles from Spanish into English. The labour would be impossible without his advice and dedicated work"

Diego - Journalist 


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