Dr. Elizabeth Bannon 

The Complete 6 Part Series in one Book

Dr. Elizabeth Bannon

Dr. Elizabeth Bannon

E-Book My name is Dr. Elizabeth Bannon, a woman who should not exist in this world, but due to an unknown mutation of my genes by an engineered agent, I have become what Dr. Marvin Speel wanted the human race to evolve to. I will continue to record the true record of world events and prevent rogue agencies from intervening in what should be the natural evolution of the human race and of the world order.

Dr. Elizabeth Bannon

Dr. Elizabeth Bannon

Paperback My name is Dr. Elizabeth Bannon, a woman who should not exist in this world, but due to an unknown mutation of my genes by an engineered agent, I have become what Dr. Marvin Speel wanted the human race to evolve to. I will continue to record the true record of world events and prevent rogue agencies from intervening in what should be the natural evolution of the human race and of the world order.

Author: Ben Kesp

Editor: Moira Cross 

The history behind the story 

 The Dr. Elizabeth Bannon Series is a story that asks questions and makes you wonder - What If?  It touches on subjects like the workings of the world, secret agencies, science, and religion.  It is a story of hidden agencies working behind world governments, science, gene mutation, religion, and spirituality.   


For readers that may not be aware, the first part of the series named “Friday” had been written as part of the monthly serials on the Literature and Culture Corner Blog and was meant to be a standalone story with an open end. However, two years later following its first publication in 2014 I resurrected the story and developed it into what became the Dr. Elizabeth Bannon Series.  At this point, I had the option of choosing between "Friday" or the "The Letter", another open-ended novelette and I went with the first. It might be noted that "Friday", the original story is simplistic, however, it set certain elements in place for what would develop into the series and as the story grew, new characters were introduced, most notably, Abbot Fernando of the Massomite Order of Monks and Dr. Jessica Sali. 


The character of Elizabeth has certainly changed throughout the series, however instead of becoming a bitter woman whom she could certainly have become; I believe it is the character of Jacob that has helped her become the woman she is.  It was not only through his love for her, Jacob opened her eyes to the positivity in life, and in the situations, they found themselves in.  But most importantly Jacob was the door that connected her with the spirit of her dead husband (Bradley), a belief system that for her was non-existent.


The story follows the character of Elizabeth Bannon who is the only child of Fred and Robin Bannon.  Elizabeth married Bradley Carney following her studies and he died two later from a skiing accident.  Following the death of her husband, Elizabeth devotes her life to her medical career, becoming an esteemed psychiatrist and renowned expert in the field of delusional disorders.   She begins employment at Claremont, a private hospital specialising in psychiatric conditions headed by Dr. Marvin Speel, a man she has little time for.  She disapproves of his methods with each patient seen as a financial benefit with little or no medical interest.  Up until Jacob Fontain’s patient file reaches her desk, she had never taken much interest in Dr. Speel’s work but that all changed.  Her new patient opens her eyes to new beliefs, questioning her own career and the meaning it has in her life. 


As an individual, Elizabeth has a strong personality and an independent spirit.  Following the arrival of Jacob Fontain to Claremont for assessment, she has an awakening, perhaps even a spiritual awakening where she begins to question the meaning of her life.  She has closed out the world around her following the death of her husband and now queries what her life has been about up to this point.  The past has bound her but now her eyes are open to the future. 


Her patient is Jacob Fontain, a twenty-eight year old man from the small coastal town of Quesser Creek.  Nothing unusual stands out about this little town however it becomes the centre for a cover-up from a secret agency known as Project God Trials.  


Despite her medical training, Elizabeth is an open-minded person, analytical and observant.  Believing in her patient and having his story confirmed by his girlfriend Nadia that he is a medium, she struggles somewhat with her psychiatric training that has moulded her thoughts. Her profession debates the concept of medium-ship, with some psychiatrists referring to spiritual communication as hallucinations. Whether spirit possession is a delusion of control or a culture-bound syndrome, her belief in her patient outweighs her training.  Her mind opens up to believe in the conspiracy theories surrounding her patient’s case. 

Massomite Order of Monks


They are an enclosed order of monks who have their own rules or statutes.  They follow an eremitical life to the public however this turns out not to be the case.  The duty of the monks extends beyond prayer and involves being the keepers of the greatest treasure ever known in the world.  The dress code includes a brown tunic with a white hooded scapular and black mantle.  They are self-contained and produce their own beer called Siarc Brew.  The home of the Massomite Order is in the Siarc monastery named after the low mountain ridge where the monastery was built in the 9th century.  The order is run by Abbot Fernando.


The Order of the Secundo Aurora 


The Secundo Aurora believes that world governments are covering up the coming of the second messiah, the new dawn for human civilisation. The group spread propaganda fearing that the coming of the new dawn will begin with the returning of an alien race who once set down on earth over 2,000 years earlier. Elizabeth disagrees with the order's principles and her relationship with their leader Markus is frayed.  She continues to work independently with Jacob however the Order does provide the information she finds hard to turn away from. 



Dr. Elizabeth Bannon - (Book 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6)

Jacob Fontain - (Book 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6)

Nadia Marshall - (Book 1 & 3)

Dr. Marvin Speel - (Book 1, 2, 4, 5 & 6)

Abbot Fernando - (Book 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6)

Markus Ward - (Book 2, 3, 4 & 5)

Dr. Jessica Sali - (Book 3, 4, 5 & 6)

Gabriel - (Book 4, 5 & 6)

Elsa - (Book 4, 5 & 6)

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Based on the original single-story books

Friday (Book 1) (4 Stars)

Having read the series to the end of book 5 and waiting on book 6, I felt the need to review book 1, which is simply called "Friday". Book 1 in the Dr. Elizabeth Bannon Series barely begins to set the elements for what is to become a more complex story in the following books with more diverse and interesting characters.  Book 1 of the series could do with being stronger but what it develops into does not disappoint. 

Reviewed by Anonymous (Barnes & Noble)


Friday (Book 1) ( 4 Stars)

I really enjoyed reading this introductory book in the Dr. Elizabeth Bannon series. Having read all the published books so far, Book 1 sets the stage for much more to come in the following books. Despite the seemingly simplistic nature of Book 1, it ushers in complex issues which are scrutinised in the subsequent books. I recommend this series since it explores different facets of life which we often ignore or overlook, and makes us question ourselves and the world we live in.

Reviewed by Moira (Goodreads)


Friday (Book 1) (4 Stars)

Thoroughly enjoyed another great story by Ben Kesp. It's engaging and vivid, full of detail and atmospheric tension. Looking forward to the next story.

Reviewed by ImeldaH (Smashwords)


Friday (Book 1) (5 Stars)

Another addictive and exciting story by Ben Kesp. This thriller will keep you in suspense from the first to the very last page. Looking forward to reading Friday Project God Trials in an attempt to unveil the mystery lying under the sea.

Reviewed by Huri Huerta Sr (Smashwords)


Friday (Book 1) (1 Star)

The writing was too stilted for me to get into. And the why psychiatric holds work was beyond inaccurate. 

Reviewed by Anonymous (Barnes & Noble)


Friday (Book 1) (5 Stars)

Reviewed by Anonymous (Barnes & Noble)

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